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Bill Schley and Lorenzo Gomez III are also authors of some highly acclaimed books!

The Micro-Script Rules

The right 6 words are more powerful than 6000. That's the bottom line if you're in branding, politics, teaching, a business owner or advertiser - anyone who communicates...  Read more...

 The Cilantro Diaries

You don't have to have an MBA to get ahead in business. You don't even need a college degree. All you need is intelligence, drive, creativity, courage, and The Cilantro DiariesRead more...


Why Johnny Can't Brand

Winner of the Best Marketing Books Award from Strategy + Business Magazine.

“There’s a Big Idea waiting inside your brand that can make you #1. Find it and shape it yourself—or competitors and customers will do it for you. And we promise, you won’t like the tagline.” Read more...

The Unstoppables

The UnStoppables is based on foreword author Graham Weston's experience growing Rackspace, as well as fascinating case studies from such organizations as the Navy SEALs and Israeli Special Forces. In The UnStoppables Bill Schley, co-founder of the branding firm Brand Team Six shows how the best practitioners think continuously about two things: The Big Picture and the Little Picture--essence and essentials.   Read more...

Reality in Advertising

Published in 1961, Reality in Advertising was listed for weeks on the general best-seller lists, and is today acknowledged to be advertising's greatest classic. It has been translated into twelve languages-French, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Hebrew-and has been published in twenty-one separate editions in fifteen countries.   Read more...

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