Bill Schley: Are we ready to go? Lorenzo Gomez: Let’s do it. Bill Schley: All right. Hey, welcome to another session of the Brand Brothers, I’m here with brother Lorenzo Gomez author of – Lorenzo Gomez: Hello there Bill. Bill Schley: Well … You know you
Bill: Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun Lorenzo: Are you getting ready to go? Bill: Welcome to another episode of the Brand Brothers. Lorenzo: Yes, Brother Lorenzo. Bill: Brother Bill. Lorenzo: Good morning to you. Even though its afternoon, but you know we’re show business
Lorenzo: Welcome to the Brand Brothers. Bill: Welcome to the Brand Brothers. I’m Bill Schley. Lorenzo: I’m Lorenzo Gomez. Bill: Brother Lorenzo. Lorenzo: Brother Bill. Bill: And we are here on a mission from God. Lorenzo: From God. Bill: That’s right, to make branding great again,
Lorenzo: Actually Wikipedia’s a great brand to talk about for the three W’s. I mean, everybody needed an encyclopedia, everyone needed a reference point, right? And it’s an encyclopedia. That’s what it is. Everybody needs it. Bill: It sounded like.. An encyclopedia. I thought you said
Bill: Brother Lorenzo Lorenzo: Brother Bill Bill: Hey welcome to another session of the brand brothers, and why are we here Lorenzo? Lorenzo: We’re here because we’re on a mission from god. Bill: We’re on a  mission from god to fight the evils of fake branding

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