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Join the Brand Brothers - Bill Schley and Lorenzo Gomez - best-selling authors and Jedi brandmasters as they reveal the amazing branding secrets of the real Mad Men. They're here to fight the dumb nonsense of today's fake branders, so you can set yourself apart like the great brands do!

The Legend of the Brand Brothers

There is the story in the Bible of Moses coming down from the mountaintop with the Ten Commandments. But recently, scientists discovered an Eleventh Commandment, which Moses would’ve had if he hadn’t stepped on a beer can and dropped the stone tablets, chipping off #11. The commandment was: Thou Shalt Not Do Fake Branding! Mainly because fake branding breaks the other commandments like lying, stealing your clients’ money, and killing (your difference).

Fast forward 4,000 years.

Lorenzo Gomez III, author of The Cilantro Diaries: Business lessons from the most unlikely places, was ice climbing in Tibet when, peering into a crevasse, he spied what looked like a perfectly preserved ancient human, frozen upside down in a glacier! Lorenzo chipped the ice away with his phone’s ice-chipping app. First, the actual shoes, a pair of brown wingtips, appeared. Then, a nice suit, a club tie, a glass of scotch and a cigarette appeared in the human hand, still lit! This was no ordinary find. It was a New York ad guy who was lost while shooting a Pizza Hut commercial with the Dali Llama.

That guy...was Bill Schley. Lorenzo revived him in seconds by trying to take away the Scotch. In that instant, a brotherhood was formed. A brotherhood to fight the evil forces of fake branding—to reveal the secrets of the real Brand Titans--so instead of fake branding you can have great branding!

Thus, they returned to the branding capital of the world, San Antonio, to start the greatest of podcasts.



The Brand Brothers make every listener one simple promise: They guarantee you will know more after listening to six shows than ad execs in New York making $650,000 per year. And it’s cumulative, so if you listen to three shows, you’ll know as much as an exec making $350k. Four shows, $450k and so on. After six shows you’ll get your own slot on Sirius XM Radio.

So, what are you waiting for? Maybe for this Introduction to end? Okay!

Welcome to The Brand Brothers.

Our Show

The Brand Brothers show is what happens when a former New York advertising writer who started out working for the real, original Mad Men, meets a young, rising star business leader and social philosopher and both think the other guy is funny. Bill Schley and Lorenzo Gomez III are also authors of highly acclaimed books and after years of speaking and consulting—wanted to bless mankind with the opportunity to hear every word they ever said.

Especially about Branding.

That’s because these two crusaders are on a mission to fight the spreading peril of fake-branding in order to save entrepreneurs, good businesses, honest candidates and people everywhere from wasting precious time, money and reputation on empty trends and shallow nonsense. Fake branding is what gives you all those TV commercials where no one can tell what the product is or what it does. But the tagline still says:

We’re passionate about doing it!! Giant corporations can afford to throw their money away like that, but you can’t.

Brother Bill and Brother Lorenzo will show you how easy it is to follow the simple, amazing, time-tested principles invented by the great Brand Titans who created the most beloved brands in history. They’ll show why you don’t need a big company budget—in fact, you actually have a greater advantage when you don’t have one! And you’ll see that no matter how much technology changes every day, these secrets only become more critical for anyone who wants to set themselves apart and have a big impact in an over-communicated world.
That’s why only The Brand Brothers can make you this exclusive guarantee: Become 100% smarter about branding after just one show or get double your money back!


Bill Schley

Bill Schley is an award-winning branding expert, author, speaker and a life-long entrepreneur. He is President and Co-Founder of BrandTeamSix and is known for creating the Dominant Selling Idea at some of the world’s most successful companies. He began his career as a writer at legendary Ted Bates Advertising Agency–the original Mad Men agency in New York–where he won an Effie Award for sales effective advertising. In addition to The UnStoppables, his fourth book, he is the author of Why Johnny Can’t Brand which won the award for “Top 5 Marketing Books of the Year” by Strategy+Business Magazine and The Micro-Script Rules. He appeared on CNBC’s Street Signs, CNN Money Online, and numerous syndicated radio programs.

Prior Highlights

  • Founding Partner and Creative Director at David ID, the Connecticut branding firm. Founder and head of strategic marketing at Home Financial Network, Inc., industry’s #1 easy-to-use home banking software. Merged with Sybase (NYSE: SAP) to became Financial Fusion, Inc., growing from 5 to 350 employees with clients around the world.
  • Copywriter at Ted Bates, New York; won industry’s Effie Award for sales-effective national advertising.
  • Wrote a screenplay for 20th Century Fox.
  • Author of the best-selling book published by HarperCollins, Power of 10. Author of award-winning Why Johnny Can’t BrandRediscovering the lost art of the Big Idea (Originally from Penguin Books), Author of The Micro-Script RulesIt’s not what people hear. It’s what they repeat… (N.W. Widener)
  • Graduate of Harvard University, Sailor, Skydiver


Lorenzo Gomez III

Lorenzo Gomez III is an expert in ecosystem development and has successfully helped convert a dormant urban sector of San Antonio into a thriving entrepreneurial hub. As the former CEO of Geekdom, the largest coworking space in Texas, and former Executive Director of The 80/20 Foundation, a philanthropic organization, he has effectively engaged others in a vision and orchestrated their skills and strengths to create a new contemporary community of technology companies.

As the current Chairman of the Board for both entities, Gomez is charged with generating the next 10,000 tech jobs for the downtown ecosystem. Having been responsible for populating the new downtown tech district with hundreds of small businesses, numerous tech groups, prominent accelerators and non-traditional educational organizations, Mr. Gomez has had a positive impact on the tech industry, economic growth and the revitalization of the area. Within the five-year development period, Geekdom, at the heart of the downtown tech district, has experienced 1000-percent membership growth, and those members have generated 658 new jobs and $70 million in capital.

Mr. Gomez is a compelling storyteller, a tenacious team player and a technologist with a passion for entrepreneurship. His professional experience stems from Rackspace, the largest managed cloud provider, where he worked closely with co-founder Graham Weston, to whom he still reports. He’s a co-founder of Tech Bloc, and he serves as board member, advisory board member and mentor for a variety of local and national tech and entrepreneurial organizations.

He’s the author of “Cilantro Diaries,” a business book that relates real-life principles young adults should know before entering the professional workforce. Mr. Gomez is a San Antonio native.

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