Episode #00 / A Thrilling Yet Humble Introduction

In their first episode Brand Brothers and authors Bill Schley and Lorenzo Gomez introduce who they are, how they met and why you should listen or else! Discover the difference between Great branding and Fake branding that will give you the edge in whatever you do.

Bill: This is Bill Schley, founder of Brand Team6, and author of the Micro-script Rules, How to Tell Your Story and Differentiate your Brand in a Sentence or Less.

Lorenzo: This is Lorenzo Gomez, author of The Cilantro Diaries, Business Lessons from the Most Unlikely Places, and this is episode zero of The Brand Brothers.

Intro: Live from the branding capital of the world, the city of truth, the city of dreams, a place Match.com calls the best cities for singles in the witness protection program. San Antonio, Texas, it’s The Brand Brothers starring Lorenzo Gomez and Bill Schley. And now two guys who are out to defeat the evil forces of fake branding. It’s The Brand Brothers.

Bill: Have we started?

Lorenzo: Were started right now.

Bill: I’m lovin’ it, alright this is like the first step on the moon now Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: Alright.

Bill: Okay.

Lorenzo: Alright, first step on the moon.

Bill: Okay.

Lorenzo: I’m Lorenzo Gomez and I’m a Brand Brother.

Bill: Okay. Lorenzo: There it is. Bill: And that’s the end of our first episode.

Lorenzo: That’s right, we’re done, we’re done.

Bill: Thank you very much. Bill: Tune in next week, no, I am Bill Schley, and I’m a Brand Brother. So Lorenzo, tell them who we are.

Lorenzo: You know, the first real job I had was at a managed hosting company called Rackspace, and I was there for about ten years and we did managed hosting when I first started, and then got into the cloud space. After I left Rackspace I went to a very small startup that was doing S.E.O marketing and pay per click marketing. When I was at this startup, there was a couple of things that happened that really drew me into the marketing and branding world. The first thing was I just happened to start watching Mad Men and I fell in love with the show, and I watched every episode, and the second thing that happened was that I met this real ad guy named Bill Schley. I met him. We were at the Valencia, Hotel Valencia, downtown San Antonio. And I met this guy, and they told me this guy is a branding expert and he had two books on branding. And so I went out and bought them because I was working for a marketing company. So I read both books, Why Johnny Can’t Brand and The Micro-script Rules while I was helping run this company that did online marketing. And I felt like those two things gave me my Associates or my Bachelor’s degree in what marketing was.

Bill: Lorenzo, this is powerful stuff, it’s poignant and dare I say… pathetic. But if you must, go on. Lorenzo: So then I started working for the owner of Rackspace, he was the majority shareholder, a guy named Graham Weston. My first job for him was to create and found his private foundation called The Eighty Twenty foundation. And then a couple years later he asked me to run a co-working space that he and another guy named Nick Longo had started. So I did that in addition to the foundation, and that was about six years ago, and it’s now one of the largest co-working spaces in Texas and in the country, and specifically, it caters to startups and trying to get the startup scene in San Antonio really kick-started. And when I started working directly for Graham, he worked exclusively when it came to branding and marketing with Bill Schley.

Bill: Yes, Graham Weston, who always said he had his best ideas when he was in that Turkish prison, I mean decades, decades in prison.

Lorenzo: And then the more I learned about Bill the more I realized, man you know these principles that Bill was explaining, they worked the same today whether it be Cloud Computing as it did with Palmolive or diapers or whatever it was you know back in the day that the original ad guys were selling. They were the same principles, but I think for me where it became real was, I said these principles make sense to me. And I used them in Geekdom the co-working space. And I feel like these lessons are what helped me maintain dominance when we were building the company, and fight off several competitors. Because whenever I would get stuck, I would go back to the principles, right? What is the dominant selling idea? What category are we number one in? And I feel like I lived it, the more I got into it the more Bill, he would show me, the more I felt like these things are so real. And I realized that you know, if there was a Harvard for marketing and branding it was this one company called Ted Bates, and that’s where Bill worked. And I remember thinking to myself, man this guy lived it with the real guys and learned under the real guys. And I want to learn from him, and so I’m kind of like the padawan, you know, to the Jedi Master. What I realized too is that when you’re starting a company, and when you’re running a company, there’s a lot of people out there that try to sell you fake goods. And also if you’re struggling as a business, there’s a lot of fake branding and ad people that will charge you obscene amounts of money and won’t deliver what you need, which is a difference. And so this is part of the reason we’re doing this podcast, is that you know, we want to right this injustice in the world.

Bill: Thanks Lorenzo, for all those wonderful kind words that I wrote you know? I did, I gave him notes before this. We are Brand Brothers. Because I for one, I’m from New York and Boston. I come from Jewish heritage, Lorenzo is from San Antonio, comes from very proud Mexican heritage. I did a DNA test, you know those things you get at the drugstore? Well, I found out that I had a brother in San Antonio. We somehow got together and he introduced me, and I looked at him, he looked at me, and he had a t-shirt on, it said don’t panic I’m Hispanic. And then he told me a story about how he used to wear that on airplanes traveling around the Middle East, so people wouldn’t basically take him off the airplane and arrest him for being a terrorist. So that’s how the Brand Brother started, we both had this abiding love and interest in branding because branding is something that everybody talks about and all businesses say they want. And you read branding books, and they basically you finished the book and you go wow, branding is good. Branding’s good. And then you close the book, but I don’t know what it is. And we’ve spent a long time trying to help people, first of all, for ourselves to figure out what it is so that we can help other people do it, and so that’s kind of what the show is about, we are on a mission from God just like the original…

Lorenzo: Very important. Bill: Well, like the original Blues Brothers, were on a mission from God. Because in an era of fake news there is fake branding, let’s face it you guys, it’s one thing to be amused by it, but if you were paying, maybe you’d want someone to know why they should buy your product, right? That’s what, partly why we’re here, so um, since Lorenzo talked for, I think it was three hours, I’m going to, it felt like three hours because you were talking and I wasn’t.

Lorenzo: I know, I know. Well, this is, now it’s your turn. We need to hear your journey.

Bill: Well, no. Well, yes we will. But I think that what we said, we’re going to do a couple of things on show zero.

Lorenzo: That’s right.

Bill: One thing is to talk about who we are, but also well, you did. You talked about my background because I actually worked for the real Mad Men. I really did. I was a baby Mad Man back then. I’m not that old, but I really did. And they were everything that you saw on that show, they were, I never got to participate, but they were. But they created the greatest brands in history. The ones we remember for seventy-five and a hundred years. They used very special techniques that were amazingly creative and amazingly effective. And they were beautiful in their own way. But also to talk about what’s coming, what’s going to be coming up on the Brand Brothers. We’re going to talk about what branding is and what branding isn’t. We’re going to have hopefully call-ins from our listeners from all over the world, world leaders, professors, thought leaders and influencers. We’re going to talk about brands we love and brands we hate. We’re gonna give you reasons why. I mean, and we’re gonna have fun. Anyhow that’s where we’re from. And we think that hopefully, you’re going to learn something, and we’re going to show people the difference because we’re on a crusade…

Lorenzo: That’s right.

Bill: To keep the really, really, great principals alive. And we see them under assault from so many gurus and fake branding people. It doesn’t have to be when you get these things right. If you have a company it inspires your people, it guides your decision making, it puts a wind at your back when it comes to selling, it lets the market know that there’s something they really need that’s going to make their life better, and it makes you famous. All those things can happen, and they can happen for your business, they can happen for you as an individual, they can happen for your organization, the ones that you care about and love. All those things. Branding is how we communicate, anyway, that’s my first…

Lorenzo: How long have you been branding for Bill?

Bill: I’ve been doing it for… I’d like to say for six months, but you learn a lot, you know from the right people.

Lorenzo: That’s right, from a TED talk.

Bill: I’ve been doing it a long time, I started out, I’ve been doing it, let’s put it this way I’ve been doing it for more than two decades. And I have been fascinated by it, it’s the gift that you never stop being fascinated. It’s like golf, it’s a capricious mistress, you think you get it right but you always learn something new every time you do it. And sometimes you hit home runs and you watch it change companies, and turn people’s lives around. And sometimes it doesn’t. But the idea is to get it right as much as you can, and help people out there who want to know about it, know more about it. Well, Lorenzo, I’ll stop, but you got to interrupt me more…

Lorenzo: Of course, Of course. Bill: Because otherwise, I’ll just keep going, it’s kind of a thing about it, it’s in our genes you know, this is a Brand Brother family trait, right Lorenzo?

Lorenzo: Yeah, of course.

Bill: We both interrupt, we both talk a lot. But everything I’ve ever accomplished is through the positive power of procrastination. But it’s amazing, I mean, how clean my garage has gotten in times when, I mean just, but really you could fry an egg on it and it would be great. I started consulting because I had started a company, and we sold the company, and I realized that what I like to do more than anything else, is to work on this kind of thinking and this kind of strategy. And I could help other companies do it because what I knew how to do we proved in one company was, we knew how to take the really big principles of the great, great brands. I mean, the most famous things, the “melts your mouth, not in your hands” and “Wheaties, Breakfast of Champions,” and all those incredible things. And we could take those principles, and we could give them to the smallest of small companies, we could give them to individuals, cause the principals were the same.

Lorenzo: Right.

Bill: And this is not an exaggeration, they’re same whether you are a one-person company or a one billion dollar global company.

Lorenzo: Right.

Bill: The principles are always the same, and never listen to anyone that tells you otherwise. The principles are that a brand is only about saying my offering is a little bit better. Lorenzo: Right.

Bill: And we say all brand is, is an idea attached to a name. In later shows, we’re going to say it’s a very, very special kind of idea. All brands work that way. It’s an idea that says I’m going to make your life better. It came down to the simple idea of a benefit, buy this brand get this benefit.

Lorenzo: Right. Bill: How we get that brand into your brain though, is to tell people a story. We tell them a story, and it’s a little story that only you can tell. So if you’re going to be a brand you’re going to think of what that story is. And it always goes the same way, the world was like this but there was a problem, and someone came along to fix it. They did this, this and this, and now the world’s a better place, that’s the story.

Lorenzo: Right. Bill: And what that story comes down to in people’s heads, is that one idea attached to a name.

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