The Micro-Script Rules

How to tell your story (and differentiate your brand) in a sentence... or less.

It's not what people hear, it's what they repeat! The #1 communication secret is here.

The right 6 words are more powerful than 6,000. That’s the bottom line if you’re in branding, politics, teaching, a business owner or advertiser—anyone who communicates in this hyper-connected world. Because with 300 billion messages going by each second, we can’t break through by pounding out more data. Our brains want less. They want to make snap judgments on the least bit of info. They want us to package it for them—in Micro-Scripts. That’s why:

  • A new product seizes 50% of the market in 2 years using 7 perfect words.
  • A lawyer won the murder trial of the century with 8 simple words.
  • Ernest Hemingway thought his greatest story ever was 6 words long.
  • The fate of millions was changed by a war, based on a 2-word policy.
  • A presidential election turned on a 4-word phrase.

Imagine the power of magic words like these for your brand, your career, your website or your business plan. They’ve been used by great communicators for 1,000 years. Now they’re yours in this smart and entertaining book.

Advance Praise...

Jack Trout, co-author of The Legendary Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind

"The Micro-Script Rules is dead on—it’s how to verbalize your point of difference—the most important point of all."


Jim Kitchens, PH. D., President of the Kitchens Group

"The Micro-Script Rules should be required reading for every candidate and campaign consultant. Political candidates and pundits talk about the importance of a campaign message, but rarely understand what that means. Bill Schley’s work is the simple explanation."


Jason Jennings, bestselling author, Think BIG-Act Small

"WOW, one of the most important books you will read in your lifetime!"


Graham Weston, co-founder and ex-Chairman of Rackspace NYSE:RAX

"Too many CEO’s forget it’s their job to differentiate their company. Micro-Scripts make the difference clear, repeatable and unforgettable."


M. Martin Morawski, Managing Account Director, Ted Bates Advertising, NY

"This is simply the best marketing book I’ve read in the past 30 years."

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